wpe16.jpg (10953 bytes) wpeC.jpg (11064 bytes) wpeD.jpg (5755 bytes)
This is me the day my parents came to pick me up! Here I am sleeping on Scotty's carpet--we match! Here's my school portrait--I'm lying in bed.
wpe13.jpg (8375 bytes) wpe17.jpg (9144 bytes)
Here's the sign outside Scotty's Kennel Here I am relaxing in my new bed--I love the sun.. That finger sure tastes gooooood!
wpe19.jpg (11564 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (10113 bytes) wpe15.jpg (10078 bytes)
Any good job offers? Where's that toy? What, don't you like my sweater?
wpe18.jpg (9828 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (9177 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (9027 bytes)
I am getting veerrry sleeeeppppy..... Ah, childhood memories...I'm only 9 weeks here. This is the end...
web14.jpg (7528 bytes) web15.jpg (14383 bytes) web16.jpg (9834 bytes)
12 Weeks old and 4 pounds Whatchu lookin at? Nappy Nap
web17.jpg (10765 bytes) web18.jpg (10529 bytes) web19.jpg (8511 bytes)
Smells soooo good! Say what? mgrgmnfmsmfsmmff...
web20.jpg (7694 bytes) web21.jpg (10542 bytes) web22.jpg (7995 bytes)
Still love that flesh! The Great Outdoors! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
web23.jpg (7660 bytes) web24.jpg (5387 bytes) web25.jpg (5484 bytes)
Just chillin.... Dog of the Month-August 1998 Guard Dog!
web26.jpg (11548 bytes) web27.jpg (8183 bytes) web28.jpg (37839 bytes)
Look, I match the couch! Gimme the ball.... Its a bird, its a plane, its...
web29.jpg (35735 bytes) web30.jpg (33660 bytes)
I ran all the way from the house for this? Put me down...ahahahahahahahh! Take me to your leader!
Hunch Dog of Notre Dame! How ya doin? Playdog?
Wait for me! Was there a deer near here? All weather dog - Prototype #1
All weather dog - Prototype #2 All weather dog - Prototype #3 All weather dog - Prototype #4
All weather dog - FINAL PROTOTYPE All weather dog - Prototype testing! Final Suit In Action!
Evil Eye Dog! "D a m i a n . . . . . ." Max is 2 1/2 Years Old!
Nice Doggie . . . Trucking . . .got my chips cashed in . . keep Truckin . . .like the doo-da man . .

Go into the Light Carol Anne !!!

Pretty Dog

The Sphinx Lives!

Little Blue Riding Hood?

What's for Dinner....?

Ok, I'll wait till you're done eating... ;(

Winter Suit version 2003 Which Way to Alaska? "Hairless Commando!"

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