HAIRLESS DOG PRODUCTIONS is a Chicago-based video production company and "adventure" video publisher. Leveraging the power and portability of digital video with the speed and flexibility of modern post-production tools has enabled Hairless Dog to create "studio quality" results on a "shoestring" budget. From initial concept to final DVD authoring, Hairless Dog can handle all aspects of production and distribution.

Unlike larger companies with big budgets, we don't eat, sleep, or take a break . . . EVER!


"I can't remember when I last had time to go to the bathroom!" Ludwig Gustaven - Director

Whether you are looking to put together a new web-presence, film a corporate video, or just have some fun with those "candid shots" taken of the boss a last year's company picnic, Hairless Dog can put it all together for you--online or off--line.

"Hurry Hurry . . . Faster Faster!! . . . Where's My Coffee?" Heim Schmerrel - Executive Producer

You guys also offer computer consulting?

Then there is the private "rescue" service we offer. Here's the deal . . . we've been monkeying around with computers since the days when an "Apple" was something you put in a pie and "Windows" were something you paid somebody to clean . . . we know what's going on inside that thing you're staring at right now!

Anyway, enough of our clients and alleged "friends" have taken advantage of our love of these crazy machines and their inner workings over the years that, quite frankly, we're really kinda tired of "giving away the milk for free." So, we rounded up everyone we knew and asked them if they would be willing to pay for the kind of personal, knowledgeable, and entertaining computer service that we've been providing all these years . . .

After everyone picked themselves off the floor and stopped laughing, they tilted their heads at a strange angle towards the sky, became a little "teary-eyed", and spoke out together in broken-little whisper . . ."you gotta do what you gotta do."

And so we are.

Hairless Dog is now accepting individual applications for personalized computer consulting, on both Apple and PC systems. You name it, we can do it. Whether you just need help learning a specific program for work, or you just deleted an entire year worth of tax records . . . we can help you out. We're fully versed on about 90% of the software in the world, and if we don't know it . . . we'll learn it before we come to your place. Oh, did we mention that we make house-calls? Bet you haven't heard of that kinda service in a while?

But you know, we don't just do this for anyone. We've got to draw the line somewhere . . . there are only so many hours in the day. So here's how it works: IF you are new, and we've not worked for you before, give us a call or e-mail us with a description of your problem, where you live, and whether you want us to schlep to you or you to us (We're in Bucktown, off 90/94 at the Fullerton Ave. exit in case you haven't read the address on the big-red business card above!). IF we can likely solve your problem, then we'll set up a date. If not, we'll give you the name of a good bar to go get a drink and soothe your frazzled nerves before you go out to buy a new computer or a sledgehammer for your old one.

We're definitely not cheap . . . but nothing good in this world ever is. Our philosophy is that you get "exactly" what you pay for when it comes to personal service. IF you want your problem solved quickly, directly, and without worrying about whether you're getting taken for a "ride", then give us a call. If not, then call some kid from the local community college. We know that today computers can be bought for pocket change--so we focus on your data and your software systems--the stuff that people always seem to screw-up somehow. If your hardware is bad, we'll let you know and we'll fix it for you as well, but that's usually never the case. Oh yeah, don't forget that we won't charge you for time beyond the initial diagnosis until you say you want to go further. That's right, we're not like the local grease monkey who spends ten hours "diagnosing" your need for a simple oil-change. You pay for us to drag our tired-bones to your place and spend an hour of our valuable time. If we can't fix it by then or tell you how much more time it will take, you don't pay for anything else and just kick us out (but feed us first if you're nice ;)

What are you waiting for? Give us a call already if you don't have a clue what's going on with your computer or that new program that you can't seem to "figure out". Our number is listed below, but just in case you can't read that huge copy of our boss's business card, here it is again (312) 656-0552 and ask for "Spencer", cause he won't let us talk on the phone by ourselves . If you are truly "web-savvy", send us an e-mail at


Why are we called "Hairless Dog"? See For Yourself . . .



"What the **** happened to that Word Document I was working on?" Unhappy Person who didn't call Hairless Dog Consulting


"Since calling Hairless Dog for all my computer questions, I now have more time to spend with by Bichon Frise" Heidi Hufffafferrer - Dog Lover and Faithful Client


"They're such nice boys" Estelle - the lady behind the deli counter


"I spent a whole day trying to start my Macintosh till I called Hairless Dog. It cost me a $125.00 for these wise-guys to show me I hadn't plugged it in!" "Bob" - A begrudgingly satisfied customer


"The first time I called them I thought they were a dog-walking service, by the time I figured out who they really were . . . they'd already fixed my laptop!" Arthur Johnston--AOL customer service rep