Hi, I'm Max!!
I'm an American Hairless Terrier. I was born around May 1st, 1998 in Trout, Louisiana. Later, after spending nine weeks with my brothers and sisters, I was adopted by a nice family from Chicago. We drove fifteen hours to get to my new home . . . what a trip--I only pee peed on my new daddy twice! Once I got to Chicago, I had a lot of fun getting used to something called "hardwood floors", they were kind of slippery, but they sure made it easier for my parents to clean up my frequent "accidents". Fortunately, I'm pretty bright, and within a week I got used to making frequent visits to the reading room, where they had plenty of newspapers for me to keep myself busy.

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Like most Terriers, I have a lot of excess energy and I love to wrestle. Because I'm a little smaller than most puppies, I sometimes have to prove how tough I am by sampling people's fingers with my teeth--but I never draw blood since I do have manners! Even though us puppies aren't supposed to go walking in the City until we are older, my parents wore me out with their constant attention and love--especially with their endless games of tag and fetch.

When I got a little older, my parents took me for my first walk . . . wow, what a big exciting City!! I love meeting all kinds of new people, and fortunately for me, being an adorable hairless puppy gets me lots and lots of attention. My parents can't go two feet down the street without being stopped by people asking about me.. They always ask the same questions: 1) What kind of dog am I? 2) Am I full grown or a puppy? 3) Will I ever get any hair? 4) How big will I get? 5) Where did I come from? My parents are very proud of me, especially since I'm very friendly with new people and children. When I went for my first walk, I also met a couple of other doggies. They were much bigger than me, but that was no big deal, since size isn't everything.

The best part about being hairless is that I don't bother my parent's allergies. They both have problems with cats and most dogs, but I don't bother them a bit! As a bonus, I don't leave hair all over their furniture or in the car. I'm very easy to keep clean, and I like to have a bath in the sink every two or three days--baby shampoo makes me squeaky clean. I smell good most of the time, like a little human baby. I am usually pretty comfortable when I'm naked, but sometimes I get a little cold--that's when my parents wrap me up in a blanket or put my wool sock sweater on me. I'm a little worried about the cold Chicago winters, but I guess I'll only go out when I need to fertilize the flowers.

As far as I know, I'm the only American Hairless Terrier in Illinois! So until my brothers and sisters come up to live with other nice people, I suppose I'm kind of special...and I get a lot of attention. If you want to learn about adopting any of my brothers or sisters or cousins, you can contact my breeder, his name is Edwin Scott, but everyone calls him "Scotty." He can be reached at: Trout Creek Kennel, P.O. Box 79, 309 3rd St., Trout, LA 71371. Scotty's phone number is (318) 992-5336. Or, you could check-out some of the web-links below!

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